A unique business proposition combining security and automation technologies and services to deliver the next generation of business intelligence. The term “integrated solutions” has a contextual definition that varies from industry-to-industry. Further, within a given industry, the definition depends on who you speak with and where they are in their technological journey. This is particularly true for security and automation professionals operating at the intersection of AI driven analytics, Industrial IoT (I2oT) and security solutions. The convergence of I2oT and AI represents a quantum leap in scope and capability for industrial automation solutions when coupled with physical security services for an industrial client’s I2oT infrastructure. Valuber’s integrated solution will enable new levels of business intelligence.

Our mission is to drive transformation at the crossroads of Physical Security and Industrial Automation business segments through the acquisition of assets that fit our investment criteria – a criteria that focuses on “services” in the security space and “solutions” in the Automation space. The transformation we seek will target well established gaps and burgeoning trends in both business segments.

Our first acquisition of TriTech Associates, an established systems integration company specializing in system solutions and services for the security industry, represents the launch of Valuber’s value proposition. And we are actively evaluating several acquisitions in the security and automation markets with the potential to generate new business opportunities as stand-alone entities and as technology partners within the Valuber group.

As Valuber continues to expand its reach into the professional security and automation markets, new investment opportunities will continue to become available.

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Case Studies


Headquartered in Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA, Ranal caters to a worldwide client base. The company is focused on providing services and solutions to the automotive sector and has direct relationships with some of the largest manufacturers in the world. Ranal has a delivery center in India and is a market leader in terms of systems design and implementation.

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TAKE Supply Chain

TAKE Solutions delivers domain-intensive services in Life Sciences and Supply Chain Management.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, USA, TAKE Supply Chain is a pioneer in mobile enterprise data collection, recognized by top enterprises as a leader in optimization and supply chain management. TAKE Supply Chain drives value by integrating software solutions with multiple ERPs while also anticipating future challenges to innovate and integrate emerging technologies.

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